Checker Plus for Gmail

It’s been a long time that I look for the right way to read emails. I tried a few notifiers, gadgets, clients, but I’ve never been really satisfied with them. A client was an hassle to configure, gadgets are simply useless, and just reading the mail from the browser I needed to poll the page all day long.

Then I thought: “There must be a Chrome extension to check the mail for me”, and I stumbled on this one, Checker Plus.


I have to say that this is the best I’ve tried up to now, it’s simple, quick and it notifies with a chime when I get a new email. Moreover, it can manage multiple Gmail accounts, a feature that I needed a lot.

It has also a text-to-speech feature, but it’s kind of funny when it tries to read italian.

You can find it here


Here we are!

Ok, let’s practice with blogging…

But what am I supposed to talk about? Uhm…somewhere I’ve read…that blogging about blogging (or meta-blogging) is very bad…whoops!

Let’s start again.

Well, I should pick a topic that I know very well, where I can give my indiscussed knowledge to the world, to enlight people with inedit and amazing stuff. Unfortunately I’m short with ideas, so I’ll just put here some random stuff, hoping that some butterfly in New Zealand flaps its wings and bring some order here.

What to expect: well, by now I’m in the Netherlands, I’m doing an internship for my master degree in Electrical Engineering, at NXP semiconductors. Meanwhile, I’m keeping myself busy with basketball, photography, a bit of tourism, and this funny new game: geocaching.

But there is much more, and I absolutely don’t know what next post will be about…and I like it!